Why write a Merritt blog?

In today’s fast paced world information is constantly coming at us from all sides. Between work, home, family, and media we are all processing new data practically 24/7. How do you sort out the important from the meaningless, the wheat from the chaff?

We know that you care passionately about your children. That’s why you’ve chosen a quality educational experience for them here at Merritt Academy. We are honored by the trust you have placed in us to put the needs of your child first and foremost in everything we do here at Merritt. We think deeply and carefully about education and child development.

This blog is a chance for us to pull back the veil a little bit and share with you WHY we do things the way we do at Merritt. It is an opportunity for us to move beyond just the important daily details and school news to examine why it all matters to us, to you, and most importantly to your children.

So look to this space for answers to all your Merritt questions, big and small, infant to middle school. We hope to answer the questions you’ve wondered about for a long time as well as the questions you never even knew you had. If you have a question you’d like us to answer, please shoot it our way.