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Construction Update

Monday, June 10, 2019

We are up and running!  Currently there are crews working on sediment and erosion controls.  Over the next two weeks we will start seeing some work done along the service road to create a separate construction entrance, which will keep most of the traffic related to construction out of the Merritt parking lot.  Flagging and attention to traffic patterns will be observed for any work that may affect the service road.

You may have also noticed that we have moved our street sign.  This will be the new location of our sign permanently, but has been moved early to accommodate fencing for tree perseveration.

All the upcoming work will be taking place behind the fence.  Nothing is planned in any areas accessed by students or families and should not be disruptive.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dominion Power and Freestate Electric will be onsite to do some electrical work.  This will disrupt the K-8th grade playground and the back field as they dig a hole midday.  The power will be off for approximately 4 hours after hours (after 7pm) and the hole will be refilled first thing in the morning.  The power will be restored and the playground will be reopened Thursday morning.

Phase 1 Plans and Details

This phase will last approximately 2 months.  These plans should not affect any student activities, but will affect how students get to and from the School Building (K-8thstudents) and Infant/Toddler Building and parent parking patterns.

  1. To get to the K-8thgrade building or the Infant/Toddler Building all persons must either go through the Preschool Building or around the Preschool Building and through the Infant/Toddler Playground.
    • To accommodate high traffic times, the Infant/Toddler Playground schedule has been adjusted to limit the number of students on the playground at high traffic times. The students will still get the same amount of time outside; we have adjusted the specific time.
    • No students, staff or families will be able to pass the outside of the Gym, go down the steps from the pool to the parking lot or reach the school parking circle.
  2. Parent/Visitor parking will expand from 18 spaces to approximately 35.
    • Some spaces will be used as the Drop-Off Zone; some will be utilized for busing and staff shuttles.
    • All staff will be parking off site and Merritt Academy will be providing shuttle service every 10 minutes to and from Pan Am shopping center for staff.
  3. New Student Drop off Zone – this area will be used in a similar fashion to the School Circle
    • Morning Similarities
      • 8:00-8:20am, K4-8thgrade students are able to be dropped off to teachers and safety patrols.
      • Parents MUST stay in the car.
      • All students must disembark the car from the right hand side as people will be passing on the other side.
      • Morning bus service will use this area to drop off the students.
    • Morning Differences
        • Parents MUST stay in the car – while this has been a rule in the circle, we have been able to accommodate some flexibility with this rule. We will have to insist for the flow of traffic that parents stay in their vehicles at all times.  If you plan to get out of your car you must park.
        • On rainy days all K-8thgrade students will be in the Gym participating in “Wake and Shake” activities from 8:00-8:20am to accommodate the ability to drop-off efficiently.
        • On rainy days K4 students may stay with an adultat the Drop Off Zone until a large enough group has arrived to walk to their respective classrooms with adult supervision.
    • Afternoon Similarities
        • Pick-up will be available from 3:30-3:45 for the students who are now picked up at that time from the Drop Off Zone. The students will pack up their things and come to either the Sport Court or the Gym Porch (determined by the weather) and brought to the car from there.
        • MAAP students will arrive and be dropped off at the Drop Off Zone and brought to their respective classrooms.
        • Afternoon bus routes will depart from here as well.
    • Afternoon Differences
      • Evening pick-up will now only be offered 5:45pm-6:15pm.
      • 2nd-8thgrade students will be in the Gym after 5:15pm.
      • Kg-1stgrade students will be in the Gym after 5:40pm.
      • We will no longer be able to offer this service to K4 students unless you have been granted an exception.
  1. Flagger in the Parking Lot and Rules of the Parking Lot Differences
    • There will regularly be a person (flagger) in the parking lot directing and coordinating traffic during heavy traffic times.
    • There will only be one-way traffic in the Merritt parking lot.
    • There will be no stopping in the parking lot, other than to accommodate someone in the process of backing out of the space. You must continue in a circle to find a space.  If no space is available or the space you prefer is not open, you may continue circling until space is available.
  2. Construction Zone (dark part of the map)
    • This area will be fenced off to all Merritt students, staff, and families.
    • This area will have multiple projects:
      • Sunrise demolition
      • Parking lot adjustments
      • Utility work
      • Temporary road work

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