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Meet Our Students

Meet Reagan

As a Merritt Academy Kindergartener, Reagan enjoys lots of exciting, hands-on learning opportunities, like weekly experiments in the Science Lab, and Where the Wild Things Are Day, when she made a wild mask in Art, and talked about how to use self-control, brainstorming good ways to get out their energy when they are feeling wild.  Even in Kindergarten, Reagan has many opportunities to develop her leadership skills, serving as a role model and mentor to her K4 buddy during “Kindergarten Connection” activities.  Outside of school, Reagan is a talented Scottish Dancer, and performed a solo in front of the entire school during the International Day Celebration.  A respected and well-liked friend to everyone at Merritt Academy, Reagan was recognized at a school-wide assembly as a Champion of Character for consistently demonstrating the value of “sharing.

Meet Santiago

student2 A hard-working and fun-loving student, Santiago excels both in and out of the classroom.  He enjoys reading, and is one of the top readers in his First Grade class.  Santiago enjoys writing and has wonderful handwriting to prove it!  Fascinated by hands-on projects across all subject areas, in Science, Santiago loves visiting the lab, and is exceptionally careful with each experiment.  As a member of the Gifted Program for Math, Santiago is working above second-grade level, receiving additional enrichment from the Math Specialist, Mrs. Lupu.  Santiago demonstrates school spirit, enthusiasm and respect while on field trips, including a recent tour of the White House, a tradition for Merritt Academy’s First Graders.  Santiago is a caring and patient friend, who exhibits a heart of gold, especially when it comes to helping out others in need.  When posed with a question about fundraising money, and who he would choose to help, Santiago immediately responded that he would help children with disabilities.  Always helpful, Santiago loves getting together with his K4 project pal, demonstrating patience and helpfulness to his younger friend.  During the month of October, Santiago was recognized as a Champion of Character for his consistent demonstration of Self Control. After school, Santiago loved participating in the Lego Pre-Engineering club, and excels in his Martial Arts lessons.

Meet Hannah

Hannah loves the variety of opportunities available to her at Merritt Academy, both in the classroom and beyond.  Earlier in the year, Hannah and her classmates travelled to Washington, DC to attend a National Symphony Orchestra performance at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts called Presto! The Case of the Vanishing Viola.   After school, Hannah plays in the Chess Club, where she hones her concentration and logic skills in games against other students. In class, Hannah is engaged and challenged by an accelerated curriculum- a hallmark of Merritt Academy’s commitment to academic excellence.  She is already learning cursive, has participated in an interactive model of the human stomach while learning about the digestive system, is exploring place value and rounding, as well as multiplication, and is reading books that her friends in other schools won’t be starting until next year, like The Cricket in Times Square, by George Selden. 

Meet Camden

Engineer-in-training Camden excels at science and mathematics, but enjoys all subjects in 3rd grade.  In math, Camden currently participates in the Math Gifted Program, where he is working on multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers, as well as the distributive property- an advanced concept used in Pre-Algebra.  In Language Arts, Camden has been reading Henry and Beezus, where he is focused on understanding the attributes of a good story.  So far in 3rd grade, Camden has travelled across the DC/Metro area for field trips to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum to study the physics of flight, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum where he visited the Rocks and Minerals lab, the Corcoran Art Museum as part of his Art specialty class, and the Sandy Springs Ropes Course for team building exercises with P.E. teacher, Ms. Phillips.  Outside of school, Camden enjoys playing ice hockey for the Redhawks, his Squirt Rooftop Hockey team, and studying Martial Arts as part of Merritt’s on-site Afternoon Activities programming.

Meet Kasey

kaseyDespite being new to Merritt at the beginning of the school year, Kasey has embraced the culture of Merritt Academy and demonstrates outstanding character and scholarship both in and out of the classroom.  During monthly visits to the Sunrise Assisted Living Community of Arlington, Kasey brings cheer to her “grandfriend,” a treasured part of Merritt’s Intergenerational Program.  Academically, Kasey is a dedicated and enthusiastic student, participating in Merritt Academy’s Gifted Program in Reading, using her iPad to create and film a rap about the Scientific Method, and building a 3-dimensional model of an Atom as part of a chemistry unit. Kasey and her classmates also enjoy a diverse range of on- and off-campus learning opportunities, including travelling “back in time” for Colonial Day, and hiking the River Trail at Great Falls National Park to view erosion, weathering, and biology in a natural setting.  After school, Kasey participates in an after-school Musical Theater club, plays guard/forward for the Merritt Tigers Girls’ Basketball Team, and is an active member of Merritt’s Girls on the Run club, which creates empowerment and promotes positive self-image for adolescent girls nationwide.  

Meet Edrick

student5 Edrick is well-liked by his classmates for his easy smile, and by his teachers for his positive attitude.  The first semester of 5th grade has proved to be a busy one for Edrick and his classmates, as they explore the scientific principles of Physics through a variety of hands-on experiments, use their iPads to compose research papers about famous explorers, like Samuel de Champlain, and exploring the resiliency of the human spirit through the study of Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen.  As a member of the Merritt Academy Ringers Handbell Choir, Edrick has had the opportunity to perform concerts at the National Christmas Tree in Washington, DC, and The Appletree School of Fairfax, amongst other outside venues. Beyond the classroom, Edrick studies Tae Kwon Do and swims competitively for National Capital Swimming.

Meet Matthew

student6 A proud Merritt Academy Tiger since the age of two, Matthew is a spirited, active and joyful member of his sixth grade class, and the Merritt community.  As a Peer Mentor, Matthew supports fellow students and is a positive influence on those around him.  In the classroom, Matthew is an avid reader, particularly interested in action, adventure and mystery novels, including his favorite, Russian Roulette by Anthony Horowitz. As a sixth grader, Matthew has many opportunities to learn outside the classroom, having travelled to Philadelphia to learn about early American history, Hemlock Overlook Park for team building and leadership development with his classmates, and he is looking forward to visiting a working farm in Vermont this Spring.  Outside of school, Matthew swims competitively for York Swim Club, and is an avid hiker.  Last summer, he was the youngest member of a group hiking expedition through the Swiss Alps, where he impressed many of his fellow hikers with his stamina and positive attitude.




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