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Service to Parents

Service to Parents means acknowledging the needs of dual working parents through convenient hours, tutoring and on-site afternoon activities.

Great Value

Great Value includes challenging academics, extended hours, fewer closings for weather and holidays, and discounts for siblings.

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Middle School Returning to Merritt Academy Beginning 2016-17

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Character Education

The Character Education Program is so important that manners and values are included in our report cards and reinforced throughout our curricula.

Individualized Programming

Individualized Programming meets each child's unique needs by using differentiation, offering technology-rich curricula, a Gifted Program,and a personalized ESL program.


Character in Action


After the teachers had secretly trashed the backfield with recyclables from their classroom, they brought their students out to play. How surprised the children were to see their favorite area littered with empty plastic bottles and boxes. The teachers asked the students what they thought they could do to remedy the situation. The students decided to take the initiative to clean it all up so that nobody else would have to do it. By cooperating together, the class worked as a team and soon the backfield was once again clean and ready for play.

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