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Service to Parents
Service to Parents means acknowledging the needs of dual working parents through convenient hours, tutoring and on-site afternoon activities.

Great Value
Great Value includes challenging academics, extended hours and fewer closings for weather and holidays.

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Character Education
The Character Education Program is so important that manners and values are included in our report cards and reinforced through our Intergenerational Program.

Individualized Programming
Individualized Programming meets each child's unique needs by using differentiation, offering a Gifted Program, and a personalized ESL program.


Character in Action



In computer class, students created multimedia documents showing how we respect ourselves through attentiveness to healthful behaviors. Getting enough exercise and sleep, eating healthy foods, taking time to study hard and practice skills, taking care of ourselves when we are sick, and keeping ourselves neat and clean were important tasks students thought showed respect for ourselves.  Fourth grade students pictured above display their printed documents.


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