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"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built." E. Roosevelt

  • Upcoming Events

    Download the 2016-17 School Calendar

  • January 23-27 Parent Conferences (Kindergarten and 4th-7th Grade)
  • January 24 Geography Bee 2:30 in the Gym (4th - 7th Grade)
  • January 27 Report Cards (Kindergarten-7th Grade)
  • January 28 Open House 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • January 30-February 3 Parent Conferences (1st-3rd Grade)
  • January 31 100th Day of School in Kindergarten
  • January 31 Preschool Progress Reports
  • January 31 Trivia Night for 6th Grade
  • February 2 Trivia Night for Middle School
  • February 6 Trivia Night for 2nd Grade
  • February 6-10 K2 Parent Conferences
  • February 7 Trivia Night for 3rd Grade
  • February 9 Spelling Bee
  • February 16 Trivia Night for 1st Grade
  • February 20 Presidents' Day Academy CLOSED (Infants-7th Grade)
  • February 21 Trivia Night for 4th Grade
  • February 23 Trivia Night for Kindergarten
  • February 24 Science Fair 5th-7th Grade
  • February 27 Trivia Night for 5th Grade
  • February 27 Parent Conferences Infants & Toddlers
  • Middle School Google Classroom & Chrome Books


    Merritt Alumni

  • Merritt alumna, Emilie Razuri will be inducted into the French Honor Society at Paul VI High School in Fairfax.  Emilie has also received the Woodrow Scholars Award from the school.  Emilie will attend the University of South Carolina in the fall, from whom she received a scholarship.  Merritt Academy is proud of Emilie and another alumna who will join the theater department at NYU this fall. 

  • 1:1 iPad Program

  • The iPad Program at Merritt Academy, where students are involved in real world applications and inquiry based investigation that fosters active learning. Students gain digital literacy as they meet new opportunities from our teachers to better differentiate instruction and help enrich the learning experience across the curriculum.
  • Kindergarten Comparison

  • Kindergarten Curriculum Comparison Sheet Find out how Merritt Academy Kindergarten compares to Fairfax County Public Kindergarten

The iPads teach me how to use electronics and to write better.

Merritt Academy Student

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