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Service to Parents

Service to Parents means acknowledging the needs of dual working parents through convenient hours, tutoring and on-site afternoon activities.

Great Value

Great Value includes challenging academics, extended hours, fewer closings for weather and holidays, and discounts for siblings.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015: Merritt Academy Open House (Infants-6th grade)-10:00am-12:00pm
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Character Education

The Character Education Program is so important that manners and values are included in our report cards and reinforced throughout our curricula.

Individualized Programming

Individualized Programming meets each child's unique needs by using differentiation, offering technology-rich curricula, a Gifted Program,and a personalized ESL program.


Character in Action

January Values: CARING & PATIENCE


Since the beginning of the year third grade has been learning how to “tweet” good character traits.  On the Twitter board they “tweet” caring thoughts to their classmates.  The learning process for this activity took a lot of patience and practice. 


Mrs. Ferguson's Third Grade

  • A National School of Character | VISA accredited K3-6th Grade
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